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Postcards printing New Zealand


Turn one piece of paper into a tool for street marketing, box inserts, invitations and more. Explore fully customisable design templates and an easy design upload. See details
50 starting at $14.99
100% satisfaction guaranteed

Discover one of the most versatile products in your marketing toolkit.

  • 4 size options
  • 3 paper stock options
  • 2-sided printing available
  • Vivid, full-colour printing

When it comes to promotion, a little postcard can go a long way in getting the word out. This handy item can be used in so many ways – direct mail campaigns, box inserts, street marketing and more. And customers or prospects can keep all your information handy in one convenient, portable package.

Ready to start creating? Begin by exploring our assortment of fully customisable designs, including options for specific industries or events. (Have your own design ready to go? Use our design upload option.) Once you’ve found a favourite design, make it yours by adding all your key information and selecting the options that work best for you. We’ll take care of the rest, and your postcards will arrive looking crisp, polished and ready to get to work.

Business Postcards

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. After you’ve chosen the quantity, you’ll be able to upload your finished design.

Our glossy and matte papers are coated on both sides, while our natural uncoated paper is not. You can write on any of these paper stocks, but for the best effect, we recommend our natural uncoated option.

The beauty of a well-designed postcard is that you can use it in a wide variety of ways. Some popular approaches include bag inserts, coupons, street marketing handouts and more.

Yes – here are a few things to keep in mind as you design.

  • Keep your design simple. Always remember that postcards are small, so a lot of complicated information can overwhelm its recipient. Identify the top few things you want a customer to know, and then focus on those points. Including a strong call to action – a website URL, phone number or address – gives people a way to learn more once they’ve become interested in what you have to say.
  • Stand out with photography or a logo. Odds are good that your postcard will be competing for attention with other promotional pieces – in a letterbox, on a notice board or even in your business. Bold colours, a high-quality image or your logo can help your postcard get noticed.
  • Create a consistent look. It’s easy to use your font choice, logo and colours to create a matching business look across other marketing products, like business cards, signage and more. With a few matching products, you’re well on your way to establishing a recognisable, professional brand.

Our Postcards are printed on card stock, which is a thicker and sturdier option than the paper stocks on which Flyers are printed. For a more durable material, we recommend Postcards.

Yes. We do offer a wide selection of postcard templates categorised by industry. Click on “Start Designing” to explore. Also, our design experts can create a unique design for you if you had something different in mind. Click on the “Design Services” feature on the top bar and submit your request.

Options: Postcards

Paper Thickness

Basic, budget-friendly options.

Premium paper weight

Additional papers, including thicker options.


  • Smooth, coated and easy to read, best for lighter-coloured designs.
  • Feel: a varnished front & silky back
  • Weight: 350 gsm (standard), 400 gsm (premium)
  • Shiny light-catching surface, best for vibrant designs or photos
  • Feel: a slick front & silky back
  • Weight: 350 gsm (standard), 400 gsm (premium)
  • Textured and easy to write on, best for simple or classic designs
  • Feel: a note card
  • Weight: 360 gsm

Product Specs & Templates

Review Snapshot

18 Reviews

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Reviewed by 18 customers

Somethings have gone wrong

Submitted 19 Nov 2020 By MKStyles From Wellington

I have never had these problems before but somethings have gone very wrong here this time. First of all, the products were packed so loosely inside the box, so the edges and corners of the products were damaged, not just this product but other ones as well. (There were air packs on top of products but they did not fill enough gaps. ) Second of all, the colour of these cards are very inconsistent. The background colour is meant to be just a flat blue colour but some are noticeably darker/lighter than the others. Maybe the ink was running out?
 Third of all, many cards have a slight cut mark or marks (all at the same position of the cards). Also, other many have unwanted white bits - it looks like as if there were dusts on the cards when printed so the ink didn't get on the cards but I'm not sure if that's what actually happened. About 2/5 of them had those problems and completely unusable. 
 I hope Vistaprint can find out what has gone wrong and be able to fix it. This is not a professional job at all…

We value your feedback and are very sorry for the troubles you've encountered with the previous order. We're happy you were able to get the issue resolved when our Customer Care Team was contacted. You may reach out to us anytime at 1800-864-973 if anything else comes up. - ZW

Response from Vistaprint Customer Care Team:

Somethings have gone wrong
This is a different design of card but this it how the products were arrived.
Somethings have gone wrong
Inconsistent Colours
Somethings have gone wrong
Inconsistent Colours
Somethings have gone wrong
Cut mark
Somethings have gone wrong
Cut Marks

Miscuts and inconsistant

Submitted 16 Nov 2020 By Paddy From Auckland

Ordered 250 postcards, but was various cutting misalignments on a lot of the postcards.

We apologize for the disappointment with the quality of your Postcard. We deeply regret that this was your experience. We're happy to see that you contacted our Customer Support team and they helped with a replacement order. – JA

Response from Vistaprint Customer Care Team:

Miscuts and inconsistant
Miscuts and inconsistant
Miscuts and inconsistant

Very happy

Submitted 12 Aug 2020 By DAWN From Tasman

It's so easy, quick and efficient to use this service. And the quality is great.

Fantastic service!

Submitted 9 Jul 2020 By Judy From Muriwai

Vistaprint helped me out and replaced an order when I had made a spelling mistake. I was so grateful to them. Their service is fantastic- and I am always happy with their products.

Damaged on arrival

Submitted 27 Jun 2020 By Hayley From Timaru

I won't be using 50% of product, as arrived with damaged edges.

Damaged on arrival
Damaged and unusable.

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Vistaprint offers Postcards design templates in assorted styles.