Don’t forget about digital: 5 tips to keep your online advertising going strong

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Your store might finally be open, and business is slowly – but surely – picking up. Hooray! Now is a great time to kick your online marketing efforts up a notch.

Customers are spending more time online than ever – and you want to make sure your business is top of mind. In addition to traditional methods, like direct mail, digital advertising should definitely be in your mix.

Read on for fresh ideas on how to keep your social media, website, and email campaigns going strong.


Get organised.

Think about how often you want to contact your customers, then grab an old-fashioned calendar (or a digital one!) and start planning. Write down what your message to your customers is each day, and how you plan on contacting them (maybe with an email newsletter or an Instagram post). This will help you stay organised and on top of schedule, but you should always leave wiggle room and be flexible in case something pops up.

Create a game plan for your online advertising efforts


Start connecting.

If you’re reopening soon, give customers a heads-up with an email or text – and include any new important details. Updated hours, safety procedures (like mask-wearing or social distancing), and any new policies (like digital-only methods of payment) are all great things to communicate. And don’t forget to let them know how excited you are to have them back.

Email Marketing
Design and send emails that are distinctly you


Send offers.

A mailing list is a powerful digital tool…but customers are wary of excessive messaging and overflowing inboxes. So, how can you get people to join and stay signed up for your email list?

A good way is to provide an incentive – like email-exclusive offers. You can create discounts and early access promotions that are only available to email subscribers. Maybe offer a discount coupon for their next order when they share their email address. This way, they get a great deal and you get to share updates with them – it’s a win-win.


Share often.

Want to remind customers to use their gift cards? Are you now accepting Venmo? Have you remodeled your store? Let your customers know all that – and more. A shared photo on Facebook or an email newsletter with these updates helps you stay connected with customers and keeps your products and services relevant.

Social Media Marketing Tools
Build a strong and cohesive social media presence


Sell online.

If you’re not already merchandising your products on your website, now is an excellent time to get started. With so many people at home and plugged in, online shopping is more popular and easier than ever. Even Facebook recently announced a new Shops platform, allowing businesses to sell their products directly to their customers.

Sell your products or services on your site

As the partner for small businesses all over the world, Vistaprint is here for you – with tools and resources to help you succeed. We’ve created this Back to Business Guide to provide you with easy-to-understand information about getting back to work, post-COVID-19. This advice comes from trusted resources like COVIDSafe economy. You should check the legislation in your country/local area to ensure that your operations are compliant with local laws and guidelines.

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