Branding for an event – what is it and where do you start?

How do you brand your business for an event – something like a farmer’s market, or a trade or craft fair? For many businesses owners, that’s a tough question. It can seem intimidating.

The good news is that branding for an event isn’t as scary as it sounds – and the better news is that, whether you’re branding products, sales materials, or your booth, a few basics can make a world of difference. Let’s take a furniture maker as our example.

Define your objectives

The first step when attending an event, is to make sure you’re clear on what you want to get out of it. Is it sales? New contacts? The materials you take along should change depending on these goals.

Thinking about the furniture maker example, he probably wants to forge relationships with retailers. So, he prepares brochures of his best work to hand out and a video showing his studio to play at his stand. He also prepares USB drives containing further imagery, documents detailing his accreditations and training, and testimonials from customers.

Shape your message

Once you’ve defined your objectives, you’ll want to make sure you have a clear, strong message to take with you to the event. Start by reminding yourself what makes your business stand out: Is it convenience? Quality? Use of renewable materials?

Now, can you distil this into a single, clear message? Are you able to sum up your appeal so people who are time-poor can take away a clear picture of what makes you special? In the case of our furniture maker, he might shape his messaging around excellent craftsmanship.

Get the team on board

To help get that message out, the people manning his stand are briefed on what to say. Of course, craftsmanship is the first thing to mention. This is reinforced with details on how this is achieved – that could be information on his training, experience, previous employment with a recognised furniture company of distinction, and other high-quality retailers that carry his products.

Entice with offers

The furniture maker also prepares a unique offer for attendees. Those interested in stocking his product are entitled to a price reduction and packs of posters, counter displays and stickers for use in retail spaces.

These promotional materials will carry this message to the consumer – and, just as importantly, they will carry his logo.

Define your look

Design is the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating your presence at an event. Our furniture maker chooses colours, templates and a logo for repeated use across his promotional materials. At his stands, the people with him wear shirts in the same colours and displaying his logo.

Why? For consistency. Design helps unify disparate materials and reminds people of our furniture maker’s message. When they see his colours or logo, they’ll think of his tables and chairs. When his logo appears on countertops, it will remind everyone of the dedication he’s put in to making his products some of the best around.

So if you’re considering attending an event, no need to be overwhelmed. Just make sure you’ve got these basics covered – and you’ll be set for success.