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EU Shipping

Speed Delivery time Price
Our fastest delivery option up to 4 business days $24.99
Priority 6-7 business days $13.99
Standard 9-11 business days $8.99


Certain orders may be subject to import duties, taxes and additional fees from the carrier or the country customers. These costs are the responsibility of the customer. Orders over NZ$400 collectively, may be subject to customs fees and may be held by customs authorities until payment is made.

Please note the following products are always sent at specific speeds:

  • Photo books: 9-11 business days

Frequently asked questions

Do I get tracking info? Where can I find it?
Once your order ships, we’ll send you a shipment confirmation email that includes the delivery method, estimated arrival date and other tracking details (if available). You can also go to your order history to look up tracking info. 

Which carriers do you use? 
We use a variety of delivery carriers to deliver your order including New Zealand Post and DHL. 

Do you offer expedited delivery?

Absolutely. We offer up to four-business-day delivery on orders placed before 10 pm NZT. Some exceptions do apply; certain products can’t be rushed.

Can I arrange for my own delivery provider/courier to deliver my order?
We’re sorry, but because of our production process, we can’t accommodate special delivery requests.