Three Inventive Ways to Make Your Christmas Marketing Stand Out

Small business owners know that making connections with customers is important. Thankfully, a busy Christmas season presents more opportunities to communicate with customers through their increased orders.

While it's important to capitalise on these extra touch points, if we just continue to use the same techniques every year, those extra details will no longer stick out.

Here are three inventive ways to use everyday business products to make your Christmas marketing shine.

1. Business card gift tags

Enhance your packaging with high-quality gift tags. Design a business card with this use in mind, then punch a hole in the card. Add some ribbon or twine to give your presentation a little extra flair.

2. Business cards become referral cards

Create word-of-mouth marketing by placing a business card with a special refer-a-friend discount in each order. Don't forget to show your appreciation for their loyalty by thanking your customers for their business as well.

3. Stickers spruce up packaging

Place your logo or unique design onto stickers and make sure they go on everything you send out during the festive season. Great packaging can make a difference, especially in the age of Instagram!

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