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Embroidery Help

Step 1: Uploading your graphic

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Embroidered graphics need to be sewn with thread, and therefore need to be simplified so they will appear clearly when stitched. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure that your artwork will embroider properly:
  • No small lettering or tiny detail (fonts should be at least ¼” high)
  • No photographic imagery or gradients (artwork should use solid colors only)
  • The largest and clearest graphics will convert to embroidery the best (artwork should be uploaded at a resolution of at least 300 dpi)

You can upload your design files in any of three common file formats: GIF, JPEG or PNG.

Why can't my image be processed for embroidery?
The way embroidered stitching represents an image is completely different than the way computer graphics are generated and shown, which makes it impossible to recreate some imagery as embroidery.

When an image is uploaded for conversion to embroidery it may be rejected if the requirements mentioned above are not met. For example, if your image is a photograph or contains areas where the colors are not solid, we cannot create a stitched version. Please review the three requirements outlined in the "Uploading Your Graphic" section above and also on the embroidery upload web page for additional information about the requirement that must be met to successfully upload an image for embroidery.

Why does my image look different after being processed for embroidery?
When viewing your image at step 2 (Choose Colors) you may notice that it looks somewhat different from what was originally uploaded. Before an image can be converted into an embroidery design, it must be simplified to use a limited set of thread colors and must not contain details that are too small to be accurately represented with stitching. Hence, you may notice some small detail is no longer present in your image or that certain colors have been modified slightly. This is a normal part of the upload process that must occur in order for us to produce an embroidery design that is both attractive and manufacturable within our production environment.

Step 2: Choosing your colors

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To change the color of your garment, simply click on the drop-down menu above the preview of your garment on the left side of the screen. Once you select your color, the preview on the right will update to reflect that color choice.

You can also change the colors in your embroidered design. Since embroidery designs must be created using a limited palette of specific thread colors, not every color in your uploaded graphic may match exactly to one of our available thread choices. In some cases for example, two different colors in your image may be similar enough, that only a single thread color is chosen for both. Hence, after you upload your image, the Choose Colors step, in some cases will allow you to change the number of thread colors that should be used to embroider your image in case you would like to override the automatic or default choice.

You may choose the number of colors you want in your design by clicking the drop-down menu on the right of the screen. Once you have chosen the desired number of colors, you can then modify those colors further by clicking on the individual color boxes located beneath the drop down box next to your design. Each color can be selected to be any one of the thread colors available in the palette displayed after clicking a color box.

We also recommend cropping out any small lettering including, but not limited to, taglines, registered and trademark symbols. You will be able to add your tagline, company name or message in the studio using our embroidery fonts, which will ensure they are properly produced.

When you are finished editing your design, click “Next” to convert it into embroidery and enter the design studio to further customize this design and add text.

Step 3: Customizing your design

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In this final step, you can select from various layouts and add text such as your company name, tagline or any message you choose. Select your layout by simply clicking on the templates above the design canvas. When a template is chosen, your design will automatically update on the screen. Once you have the template you like, text may be modified by editing it within the text box to the left of the design canvas. You may further edit attributes of that text using the toolbar underneath (i.e. select a different font, size, or color).

To get even more customization features such as adding or moving your text, you can click on the Advanced Editing link below your design to unlock the canvas and get the full editing toolbar. Please note that our studio will change slightly to display the new customization tools. To move the text, click on the text field on the canvas and move it while holding the left button on your mouse.